Thursday, September 1, 2011

Information overload

I'm really excited to see so much action on the POT blog roll today. I found myself scrambling to keep up with all the posts. And all the links posted on Diigo. And then there's the Facebook feed. Wow! So much information! And it's only the first day of class.

Any thoughts out there on how we can manage all this information in an efficient yet effective way?


  1. Hi Nancy,

    my introduction post for POTCERT11 may help you,

    Note that I am mentor of Jaime, Denise, Simone
    and Nacho so I have to follow their blogs. This is why I listed their blogs in the post


  2. I had the same Information Overload reaction. Thank goodness for mobile news feed readers. I'll be checking into this course from waiting rooms, checkout lines and so on.

    p.s. I was thinking that Nancy's POT Blog will get some surprised and unexpected visitors once the title starts showing up in search engine results.

    Norm Wright

  3. Hi Nancy,
    Cosmic connection--I am an ESL teacher, grew up in Phoenix, and taught English in China. I spent summer 1987 studying Chinese in Shanghai and most of 1998 living in Pudong, Shanghai when my husband was on a business venture. Also spent six years as a freelance writer and editor....

  4. Norm, you're right! I've changed the blog title to avoid misunderstandings :)

  5. Carol, sounds like we have a lot in common. I don't see a link to your blog on your Blogger profile. Can you post it here?